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Bare with me, in case there is anyone actually looking at this website, you'll notice I've changed it a few times lately.

I'm making great changes and reconsidering the work I will be doing, and how I will be working with herbs. I plan to likely focus Herb walks and assist people in putting in their own herb gardens. More information to come soon.

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Jan 14, 2020

Is it healthy, or is it not healthy?

Trying to decipher what is healthy or not healthy for ourselves, our families and the world has turned out to be a stressful, endless endeavor. There are endless Natural Health Products available, usually high-priced and attractive, which subtly use the same sales tactics that are used to push and sell any other product. In addition to that, we have a increasingly large group of varied Natural Health Practitioners with equally varied opinions on what is healthy, and the right way to live, and most do not agree with each other, nor the medical community. What is one to do??

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Jul 1, 2017

What is Harry's Herbs and who is Harry?

Harry's Herbs Mission

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