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Hello fellow Woman of the house! Come, seriously. You are looking for something different, that is relaxing but also unique and nourishing to the body and spirit, I have something good to share with you.

Energy flow massage
Herbal Therapy
Intuitive Art Classes

This is not a SPA, its a space. Its not a clinic either. Its ME! Kim Wilson, a mother and woman like you; making my way through this fast-paced modern world, trying to keep up and not let the house get TOO messy. There is never enough time in the day for YOUR time, we know this. There are thousands of products and spas that capitalize on that knowledge and try to offer you a fix.

This is me. Yes, I went to school and learned about Herbal medicine for many years, and I've learned a bunch of cool, different stuff. I throw it all together into one awesome experience that is a unique blend of modalities that are also tailored to YOUR interests.... Its like making the best soup you've ever made! Come, try my soup. It'll be worth making the time. :)