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Herbalism, or plant medicine, isn't really a thing in terms of how we view it in western culture. It used to be part of domestic life, much like how family recipes are passed down through generations. English women knew that you make chamomile tea if you have an upset stomach. In China, you would be made congee with ginger root, in India, perhaps you would be given some golden milk, which traditionally is milk steamed with turmeric.

Plant medicine, is the basis of western medicine as we know it today, as most, if not all of the medications we use are based upon plant constituents, (plant parts) and the knowledge of what they are good for pertaining to human health is based upon indigenous or traditional use.

We really owe a lot of gratitude to our indigenous elders, and female ancestors who carried the knowledge of traditional medicine through the ages, as that is where it all comes from, and of course the plants themselves!

How awesome are the plants...they have multiple healing abilities for us, but that doesn't mean they are just here for us. They have their own lives, and communion with insects, animals and other plants. It is common for us to just think of plants as just "things" that are just there, but if you think about it, they are actually the elders... living on this planet for eons before there was any trace of us, and yet they have the ability to be medicine for us, as well as providing EVERYTHING we need..they are the very ground beneath our feet.

When plants are harvested respectfully and properly, for food and medicine, the whole ecosystem thrives, including us. I truly believe that we all want this, we all want the earth to thrive, with ourselves included, as the perception of humanity as a separate, more-important group of beings has only gotten us in all kinds of trouble, and caused us ill-health and unhappiness. This is what herbalism is actually about, feeling better in our bodies and hearts is a fantastic thing, and then it leads to reconnecting with the earth heart, our ultimate goal.

If you are interested in exploring herbal therapy please contact me to learn more.

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