Blog - What is Harry's Herbs and who is Harry?

Harry's Herbs is named after my eldest son, Harry, and is meant to symbolise who I do this work for; my kids and the future of all of our kids.

I wanted to become an Herbalist because of my natural love of plants and amazement at their magical healing abilities. It also comes from a desire to make my contribution to guide the world back to a more balanced relationship with nature. Re-aqainting ourselves with the natural cycles, and reconnecting to our innate kinship with the plant and animal kingdom is a win-win situation for all living things, and doable for everyone.

Children love to learn about plants, and discovering that they have names, different "talents", colours, and are able to "do" stuff. We offer hands-on, outdoor workshops where the kids get to learn about the plants around them, and make thier own safe, natural products. My hope is that this will allow them to maintain thier sense of wonderment, respect, and love of nature that they can carry onward into thier teenhood and adulthood, fostering true self-confidence, empowerment, and support that the connection to nature provides.