Harry's Herbs

Natural Herbal Therapies



I'm here to listen, and work with you and the plants to come up with a treatment that works best for you and your healing focus. Treatment includes a 90 minute initial appointment where we get a sense of what you would like to work on with the assistance of herbal tinctures, teas, and perhaps diet and lifestyle tweaks. Contact me to learn more.


I have a past, we all have a past. In my past I did a lot of massages, in my home, at spas and bed & breakfasts. I was trained in hot stones massage and swedish massage, and when I worked at the Log Cabin Heaven in Elora, Ontario, a former bed&breakfast, I worked alongside an RMT, so I picked up a lot of official techniques and learned a lot from her as well. So, my style is an amalgam of multiple experiences and time. I must say, its good, especially since I combine it with infused herbal oils for the added benefits they provide.

For example: A lavender oil massage would provide mental relaxation, healing to the skin and mucus membranes, (cuts, scrapes, sun burn, dry skin) pleasant aroma

I offer massages in my own home, a casual relaxed atmosphere, it is not a spa. There is probably laundry and toys near by! This is for women who would like a massage but aren't interested in going to a spa-type place, or even a fancy office, and are also interested in herbal oils. You can just show up as you are. Contact me to learn more.


Walk around local parks and trails to learn about the plants that grow right under our noses that can become daily tonics and teas.

Lampman lane park and surrounding trails
Saturday mornings, all ages welcome, 10-12pm

contact me for the next walk