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Are you ready to put in your own herb garden and reap the benefits of herbs? Not to mention, herbs are just plants! They are themselves beautiful garden plants you already know such as Echinacea (purple coneflower), marigolds, strawberries, rasperries, lavender, daisys, clovers and mints. There are also the culinary herbs like parsley, chive, oregano and rosemary, all easy to grow, dry and store for your own better-tasting, best quality herbs.

The possiblities are endless, herbs can be planted in pots or boxes for limited space, or strategically placed in and around your existing gardens to attract more pollinators to your vegetable garden, and support a healthy eco-system.

How it works

We will set up a consultation at your home and discuss what is possible with your space and location, and what you desire.
I will come up with a few options for you, and your estimate (s). After you make your choice, and register yourself, I will get started! Once the garden is in and you are happy with it, I will give you your booklet on the plants you have growing, how to care for them, and a summary of thier uses as dried or fresh herbs. After approximately on month, and the plants are established, I will return to demonstrate how to harvest, dry and store your herbs, and show you how to make a tea. Then, your all good to go!

* One Season Guarantee: If an herb doesn't do well or dies during the year I put it in, I will replace it free of charge.


Walk around local parks and trails to learn about the plants that grow right under our noses that can become daily tonics and teas.

Lampman lane park and surrounding trails
Saturday mornings, all ages welcome, 10-12pm

contact me for the next walk