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Kimberlee Wilson, myself, is a 38 year old, happily married mother of 2 boys in Barrie Ontario. At age 21, I dropped out of Wilfred Laurier University to pursue my interest in holistic health.

I had many adventures, instructors, classes, and programs completed and incomplete. Some were eccentric, and some where more mainstream and conventional. One of which was traditional therapeutic herbalism, for which I earned a diploma: Clinical Therapeutic Herbalism from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, and previously, from 2003-2006 studied with Michael Vertolli at his school, Living Earth School. In addition to learning about the medicinal and nutritional value of herbs, I learned just about every snazzy diet, new and old, that is "the healthiest, best diet".

While I was studying herbs, I learned massage and gave them for a couple of years at Log Cabin Heaven in Elora, and a few more years at the Downtown Spa in Georgetown Ontario.

I found the health industry to be complex, and problematic. I felt like the more you learned, the more you needed to learn, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can leave people confused.

As far as treating people with herbs in a clinical setting goes, it can be incredibly helpful and work well, but I found it to be a diversion from what herbs are supposed to be- accessible, simple, cheap and easy. I like teaching people how to do things on their own, rather than become dependent on my knowledge.

My hope is that my small clinic and massage can be a gift to women who are searching for the nourishment and support that the plants can provide, with myself facilitating the process.