Harry's Herbs

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Kimberlee Wilson, myself, is a 37 year old, happily married mother of 2 boys in Barrie Ontario. At age 21, I dropped out of Wilfred Laurier University to pursue my interest in holistic health.

I had many adventures, instructors, classes, and programs completed and incomplete. Some were eccentric, and some where more mainstream and conventional. One of which was traditional therapeutic herbalism, for which I earned a diploma: Clinical Therapeutic Herbalism from the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, and previously, from 2003-2006 studied with Micheal Vertolli at his school, Living Earth School. In addition to learning about the medicinal and nutritional value of herbs, I learned just about every snazzy diet, new and old, that is "the healthiest, best diet".

I found the health industry to be complex, and problematic. I felt like the more you learned, the more you needed to learn. As far as treating people with herbs in a clinical setting goes, it can be incredibly helpful and work well, but I found it to be a diversion from what herbs are supposed to be- accessible, simple, cheap and easy. I like teaching people how to do things on their own, rather than become dependant on my expertise, or my products. Such is why I am simply offering to assist people in creating and maintaining their own herb garden, how to harvest it, how to make your own teas, and how the teas are beneficial.

My offering is meant to be a call to the return to simplicity. Simple. Easy. Self-reliance. That is what this is about.